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Fun sized candy? This is more like it.

After years of looking, I’ve finally found candy that I would deem “fun sized.” Now who’s the Smartie?

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Slutty Brownies: Brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, and Oreo crumbles. What’s not to love?

The difference between Katie and Oprah? The slutty brownie.

Jessica Simpson confessed a weakness for them. To the uninitiated, they are a ┬ábaked confection featuring an indulgent mixture of brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough and Oreo cookie crumbles. What’s not to love?

But when Katie heard them described, she proffered a mock-gag.

Oprah would have been salivating, begging for a bite or even admitting to having a batch in her pantry. She would have had some on set and taken a bite on camera, connecting with Simpson and everyone else watching.

I’m not saying that every woman dreams slutty brownie dreams. But no woman I know – no woman I can relate to – thinks they sound gross.

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